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R 22 Mariner

The R22 Mariner is reconized throught the world for its reliability.

It's used for numerous application like aerial shots, cattle muster in Australia or just as school aircraft.

Engine: Lycoming O-360, 4 cylinders with carburator..

Empty mass 399 kg, Maximum weight 622 kg

maximum speed 189 km/h
Cruising speed 178 km/h
Max range 460 km
Hover Ceiling IGE @ 1370 lb  9400 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE @ 1300 lb 8000 ft
Max Altitude 14,000 ft



Plan du Robinson R22
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R 44 Raven I

Le R44 Raven I is a 4 seats helicopter.

It's the working horse in the helicopter family. he's widely used internationaly, for it's reliabilty and its simplicity.

It's probably th most popular helicopter for scenic flights.

Engine Lycoming O-540, six cylindre,   
Power 210 au décollage & 185 en vol  
Maximum Weight 998 kg  
Empty Mass 652 kg  
Main Tank 80 kg  
Auxiliary Tank 46 kg  
Pilot, Pasengers and Luggages (with full tanks) 220 kg  
Maximum speed with max weight 198 km/h  
Maximum Range 550 km  
Hover Ceiling IGE at Maximum Gross Weight 8750 ft @ 998 kg  
Hover Ceiling OGE at Maximum Gross Weight 5250 ft @ 998 kg  
Rate of Climb supérieur à 1000 fpm  
Maximum Operating Altitude 14,000 ft  
Electrical System 28 volt
R44 en vol de face
Plan du Robinson R44