Aerial Work

Specialized in aerial shooting, Easy Helico company will provide you the experience you need to make the most out your photoshooting .

There is only one way to get to where the action is. If you are a photographer, a reporter, an environmentalist or simply someone who need a perfect view of your futur property, there is only one way to do it and it's with an helicopter. Easy Helico is your first choice when it's for aerial shots or any other occasions. all you need to do is contact us and we'll provide you a quote as fast as possible. 

That is why we were choose by the Voiles de Saint Tropez 2016 for all the aerial shots.

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Vue du R44 en VOl vue du dessus
Prise de vue aérienne
Prise de vue aérienne avec le R44 pour les voiles de Saint Tropez
Prise de vue aérienne en R22

Here is an example of our work with the Voiles de Saint Tropez :